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Downtown Philly FOOD Recommendations


  1. Cafe Lutecia - 23rd and Lombard

Show up early on the weekend (Sat and Sun) and get the sandwich of the day or the croque madame. Also, you cannot leave without trying some of the tomato bisque, it was voted the best soup in Philadelphia. Cafe Lutecia is also featured in Craig Laban’s Ultimate Dining Guide. (Laban is a famous food critic in Philadelphia and can single handedly destroy a restaurant with a bad review)

  1. Hungry Pigeon - 743 S 4th St -

Hungry Pigeon is no.2 on the top best restaurants in Philadelphia. Get there early and try one of their almond croissants. THEY ARE THE BEST CROISSANTS YOU WILL EVER EAT. They make everything in house from start to finish. Their seasonal menu is top notch! That place runs like a machine.

  1. Middle Child - 248 S 11th St -

Rated number 25 on the top 50 best restaurants in Philadelphia, Middle Child has become a local neighborhood favorite in Washington West. Their menu is short and to the point, but everything you order has been cooked and seasoned to perfection. They arguably have the BEST REUBEN in the city. They also make amazing breakfast sandwiches that they load up with fluffy eggs.

  1. Green Street Coffee Co. - 11th and Spruce-

This is an excellent coffee shop with adorable outdoor seating if you can snag a spot. It’s the perfect place to settle in to a cup of their house roasted, sustainable coffee and people watch. They also make a mean latte.

Lunch spots:

  1. Dizengoff - 17th and Sansom -

Once you try this hummus you will never eat hummus the same ever again. I know what you’re thinking, “Hummu?” Just trust me, one bite and your outlook on everything will change forever. Make sure that you get an extra pita, one just simply isn’t enough to scoop up all that goodness.

  1. Ishkabibbles - 3rd and South -

Everyone is going to direct you to Pat’s or Geno’s for “the best cheesesteak in philadelphia”. They’re lying. Those two spots are just overpriced tourist traps. Try Ishkabibbles (there are two located about 2 blocks from one another, they’re both terrific). Not only are their cheesesteaks phenomenal, they also have some pretty awesome cheese fries.

  1. Cheu Noodle Bar - 255 S 10th St -

They have the best noodles bowls in the city hands down. I have three words for you, SPICY FAT NOODLES. The cuisine is a mixture of asian and jewish, so expect to see some oddities on the menu such as their Matzo Ball and Brisket Ramen that is just as good and enticing as it sounds.

  1. Wawa - 10th and Walnut -

Hoagies, Hoagies, and more Hoagies. Wawa is a Philadelphia staple. While they may not be the best restaurant in Philadelphia, Wawa makes an awesome hoagie.

Dinner Spots:

  1. Little Fish BYOB - 6th and Fitzwater -

Words really can’t describe how phenomenal Little Fish is. The fish is brought in and broken down every day. The produce is fresh, the sauces are perfect, and every bite is worth the price. I would eat here every night if I could afford it. As per the name, they only serve seafood, and you have to bring your own booze, however if you only go to one spot on the list, it should be Little Fish, they will blow your mind away. Their menu changes almost weekly.

  1. Zahav - 2nd and Chestnut -

Zahav is one of the best restaurants in Philadelphia and is recognized on a global scale. They have won numerous James Beard Awards and has time and time again proven to the city, just how special they are. It’s only worth going if you’re going to do the tasting menu, however reservations fill up quickly. If you can’t snag a spot, get to the doors a couple minutes before they open and grab a spot at the bar. Spots fill up quickly and the restaurant is sold out almost every night.

  1. Talula’s Garden - 2nd Washington Square West -

Sitting comfortably under the restaurateur Stephen Starr’s umbrella, Talula’s garden focuses primarily on farm to table, with the freshest produce money can buy. Surround yourself with a chic farmhouse vibe while you dive into their balsamic brussel sprouts. They also have a menu that changes seasonally and you can check it out on their website.

  1. Pine Fish - 11th and Pine -

Raw bar, lobsters, steaks, you name is Pine fish has it, and they have it cooked (or not) to perfection.

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