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7 Must See Historical Spots in Old City, Philadelphia

You know you have to hit up the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall; but other than that, you’re ashamed to admit that you don’t know your American history well enough to know what else to see in Philly. Well don’t worry; that’s what we’re here for. Below you’ll find an introduction and overview of some of our favorite Old City spots.

Independence Visitor Center

599 Market St.

It may seem obvious, but that’s the thing; it’s so obvious most people don’t bother. But we recommend starting with the Independence Visitor Center located on the corner of 6th and Market for a few reasons. First, when you arrive, you will want to go to the information desk run by National Park Rangers and pick up a free, timed ticket for touring Independence Hall. After you have your tickets, brush up on your American history by taking some time to explore the interactive exhibit spaces or check out a free historical film in one of the visitor center’s theaters.

Liberty Bell

N 6th St. & Market St.

Directly across Market Street