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Airbnb DIY vs. Property Management

DIY is all the rage. Pintrest, Youtube, and professional bloggers thrive off the DIY trend. We LOVE to do things ourselves too!

There is a dark side to the DIY trend, the DIY fail.

There are countless slideshows online showing attempts and ultimate failures. The hashtag "nailed it" sarcastically sums it up.

Airbnb can be a fun DIY experience. A Mom and Pop room rental is fun and easy when the goin' is good. What about when the goin' is not-so-good?

Just like with any exchange, things can go wrong. Handling issues for the first time can be tough. How can you walk away in good standing? Are there rules I should follow? How can you make (and win) a claim with Airbnb's $1,000,000 Host Guarantee?

Slate & Hearth Property Management has been in the business for just about 5 years! We have hosted so many guests from all around the world! We know how to prevent trouble, and most importantly, how to deal with it once it happens.

We know how to write listings so guests are satisfied. We price listings so you don't leave money on the table. The small details make a big difference on Airbnb.

Save the DIY for assembling IKEA furniture, call us to manage your Airbnb listing!

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