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Using Indego Bike Share

While Philly is an easily walkable city, many guests prefer to rent bikes so they can see more in less time. While traditional bike rental is a great option, we like to make sure our guests are aware of the Indego Bike Share service. Indego allows riders access to hundreds of bikes 24/7 throughout the city. What is Indego?

Indego has more than a hundred bike racks throughout the city stocked with bikes. Passholders have the ability to unlock a bike, ride it to wherever they are headed, and then return it to another bike rack near that destination. Why should I use Indego? The Indego Bike Share is the cheapest and easiest option, by far, for visitors to the area. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about where to store it at night, having it stolen, or keeping up with it, if you decide you would prefer to walk or Uber/Lyft somewhere after having biked there. How much does it cost? Passes are $10 per day or $17 for a month but if you sign up via this link you will get your first month for 50% off (which is cheaper than a one day rental). After signing up, you can very easily turn off the renewal option (they are not trying to scam anyone and have great customer service, which we really appreciate).

How does it work?

After signing up, you immediately become a passholder and they mail you a key fob but since you are obviously not going to have time for that, you have two other options.

At every bike rack, there is a small computer screen. On the screen, you will select “Check out a bike.” After this it will ask if you are a passholder and you will select, “Yes.” After confirming that you are a passholder, you will have the option to either text a code to the phone number associated with your account or you can swipe the credit card that is associated with your account.

Once you’ve done this, it will release a bike to you. With the monthly pass you get unlimited one hour trips but even if you want to ride longer than an hour, you can just check your bike in and then check another one back out. Places to Check Out with Indego With over a hundred bike stands around the city, you can rest assured there are stands nearby al the “must see” spots. Below are five popular spots in the city and the closest station to each. Download the free Indego app to view a map of all of the stations and check out the bike availability throughout the city. Independence Park (Independence Hall, Visitor Center, and the Liberty Bell) Chec